Global Banking Education Standards Board



In October 2011, delegates from leading banking institutes from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East, representing nearly 2m banking professionals, met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to discuss how to rebuild public confidence and trust in the ethical professionalism of banks and bankers:

Chartered Banker Institute (UK)
Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria            
Hong Kong Institute of Bankers            
Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
Institute for Banking & Financial Studies (UAE)
Institute of Banking and Finance (Bahrain)
Institute of Bankers of Malaysia 
Institute of Bankers, Pakistan
Institute of Banking (Saudi Arabia)
Kenyan Institute of Bankers
NIBE-SVV (Netherlands)
The Private Foundation, the Institute for Financial Studies (IEF)  (Spain)                                             
It was agreed that, whilst considerable efforts had been made by international and national regulators, and others, to rebuild banks’ financial capital, insufficient attention was being paid to rebuilding banks’ human capital.

Delegates established a Taskforce to develop plans for a body to enhance ethics and professionalism in banking worldwide.  That body, the Global Banking Education Standards Board (GBEStB) is now being established with support from many national banking institutes, and others, worldwide.

The Taskforce has developed a Prospectus, setting out in detail what is required to establish and maintain the GBEStB.

To support this exciting initiative to promote global banking professionalism, please contact the GBEStB Taskforce..